Uber 2.0 is on demand air mobility.

Bi-Axial On-Demand.

FUELIE cuts the cord between helicopters, light jets, and the major US airports by putting smart fuel everywhere.

It quickly and easily puts fuel at every casino, convention center, stadium, resort, rooftop helipad, concert venue, and racetrack you want to go to. It enables on-demand air-mobility.

This is finally air travel at the press of a button. This is Biax™.

On-demand bi-axial transportation. Biax™ connects all the dots, but you need FUELIE to make it happen. 

FUELIE uses existing aviation equipment and infrastructure to create Biax today....not in ten or twenty years. It really is that simple.

UBERFLIEG. With the press of a button you schedule your trip from Manhattan to DC. Your car drives to the FUELIE enabled vertaport. You grab your bag, get into the helicopter, strap in, put on your headphones, and relax to some great music. The helicopter lifts off and you watch the ground drop away. The speed is addictive. Ninety minutes later you and your fellow passengers land in Washington at another FUELIE enabled vertaport.

You grab your bags, nod an appreciative look at the pilot, and walk to the waiting Black car. You briefly watch new passengers get in while the ground crew refuels the helicopter from a FUELIE. You are barely down the road when you see the same chopper roll overhead. It climbs and heads off and into the evening sky to a new destination with new passengers and cargo.

As your driver pulls into your home, you smile, and shake your head in amazement. It is hard to believe. It was only a few short months ago that all of this would have been science fiction and fantasy. Now, it's just the quick press of an UBERFLIEG app button away. Honey, I'm home.  


With on demand scheduling and push notifications of inbound flights, scheduling your flight via app is only a moment away. Schedule a week in advance for the best pricing or pick-up an empty seat on an inbound flight at the last minute. This is travel the way you want it and on your schedule. It's easy, it's UBERFLIEG.

On-demand air-mobility cannot exist without on-demand smart fuel. 

The FUELIE is the key to creating a true alternative to commercial first class air travel.
It connects the dots between light jets, helicopters, and Uber cars.

UBERFLIEG. Transportation you never dreamed possible.



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VOOM is soon coming to a city near you! Hold on to your socks!

UBERFLIEG is the conceptual integration of Fuelie enabled heliports, vertaports, and municipal airports with current ground based on-demand transportation. Uber, Lyft, and VOOM are registered trade marks of their respective companies and unaffiliated with Fuelie Systems.

For more information on Fuelie Systems:  www.FuelieSystems.com